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Koehler - Bright Star LLC is located in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, USA and is a member of the Marmon Group / Berkshire Hathaway Company. The Marmon Group is an international association of manufacturing and service companies which consists of over 150 autonomously run business units, located in 300 facilities in 22 countries and employs 17,000 employees. Bright-Star was founded in 1909 as a battery manufacturer. In the 1930s Bright Star developed and produced the first plastic safety certified flashlight for use in hazardous locations. During the past century the technology has changed significantly but the extreme conditions that our products operate in have not. Today, we still develop and manufacture our products in Pennsylvania. Likewise, our business focus remains on markets that require products that will normally operate in extreme and hazardous environments. Our R&D, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Quality Systems are structured to integrate top technology into durable and safe lighting products. Bright Star products are offered through our global distributor network. If durability and safety are a requirement, then Bright Star is the right choice.